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Save Up To 65% Off On Select Items Today! | Builders and Bulk Orders Call (855) 623-4038

Warranty Policy


In an unfortunate case of a defective item, our technical core team will be present to walk you through the warranty process of the manufacturer. Here’s what to expect from it;

  • The manufacturer is required to issue a warranty claim, pertaining to certain products that have a technical nature. Your installer will be required to diagnose and detect the issue on-site, together with our technical team members.
  • In case, the troubleshooting identifies a defective part as per Homeloungestore.com standards, a warranty claim to the manufacturer will be forwarded by us to the manufacturer. You will be asked to review the terms and conditions before we forward the warranty claim.
  • Next, the manufacturer will review and accordingly, approve or disapprove the warranty claim. If they give approval and possess all the information, the replacement parts under the warranty claim will begin to be processed for shipment. In case, information is lacking or the warranty claim is unaccepted, you’ll be duly notified.
  • All warranties are deemed as exchanges in processing. A prepaid return label will be provided to you for the malfunctioning part(s), which should be returned after the reception of the replacements, within the time span of thirty days.
  • Depending upon the season, the total time taken by warranty claims to be processed might range from 1-4 weeks. Given the protracted length of time, claims can be extended. It is recommended to check up your unit in early fall or late summer, to see if it’s in good functional condition for the following winter period.